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How to search for songs in the Korean book [ziller]

For Korean pop songs http://www.ziller.co.kr/SingingroomSearchList.do Search Categories: 곡재목 Title 가수명 Artist 곡번호 Song # [if you want to 2x check XD] 첫소절 First Line [of the song? IDK I usually search by title lol] You can also click on the first letter in the group/artist’s name or title of the song so example: Dong Bang … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

I made the cakes for father’s day today. Recipe via: http://www.room-4-dessert.com/category/cakes/ look for Romanian Cheese Cake / Recipe form a Romanian recipes site For a 20x30cm rectangular pan

Cheap VS Thrifty

I (despite popular belief) am thrifty. #beautyonabudget (you ever see me raid Sephora VIB Insider sales?)and I shop in the off season: which is why I am always VIB status but I used to be really cheap: mostly out of ignorance and partially out of arrogance.I know better now.Like when you’re a teen eating with … Continue reading

Vegas 2013 Recap

We had a micro reunion of SCH 2003(?)Three of us, one with her hubbz, and anotehr with his entourage. Me, with the role of Lonely Girl, was determined to hang out with my Canadian Bestie come hell or high water.   Apparently for brunch on our last day of the trip it was hell (no … Continue reading

My personal Oscar Recap

watching the Oscars at home recap: Les Miserables’ Samantha Barks has the strongest vocal bc she is/was a singer discovered via a reality talent show on BBC. Adele is so charming I love her I love Sally Fields and find Daniel Day Lewis amazing, but the real reason I want to see Lincoln is because … Continue reading